• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Duration of Employment :
  • Prefered Sex : Male
  • Sector of Vacancy :

Qualification/Work Experience :

Job Description:

  • Monitor all CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of the NJV Higher Secondary School premises.\r\nRegularly inspect camera feeds to identify any suspicious activities or potential security breaches.\r\nMaintain an accurate log of camera footage and report any incidents or noteworthy events to the appropriate personnel.\r\nConduct routine checks of camera locations to identify and report any faults or technical issues.\r\nCollaborate with the IT department to troubleshoot and resolve camera system malfunctions promptly.\r\nAssist in the installation, configuration, and alignment of new CCTV cameras as required.\r\nEnsure that all cameras are functioning optimally and adjust camera angles if necessary to improve surveillance coverage.

Employer : NJVSchool (Adopted by Akhuwat)

Location : Karachi