• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Duration of Employment :
  • Prefered Sex : Male
  • Sector of Vacancy :

Qualification/Work Experience :

Job Description:

  • Strategic Planning: Vice Presidents are responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives.\r\n Financial Management: Vice Presidents oversee financial planning and budgeting, and ensure that the organization\'s financial resources are being used effectively.\r\n Operational Management: Vice Presidents are responsible for ensuring that the organization\'s operations are running smoothly and efficiently.\r\n Business Development: Vice Presidents may be involved in identifying new business opportunities and developing partnerships to help grow the organization.\r\n Team Management: Vice Presidents are responsible for managing teams within the organization, providing leadership and guidance to ensure that goals are being met.\r\n External Relations: Vice Presidents may be responsible for representing the organization to external stakeholders, including customers, investors, and government officials.

Employer : htvisions

Location : Karachi