• Required No. of Employee's : 1
  • Duration of Employment :
  • Prefered Sex : Male
  • Sector of Vacancy :

Qualification/Work Experience :

Job Description:

  • Design and develop robust, scalable, and high-performance data pipelines and ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data from various sources into our data warehouse or data lake. \r\n Collaborate with stakeholders to understand their data requirements, and design and implement appropriate data models and database schemas to support their needs. \r\n Optimize data pipelines and ETL processes for performance and efficiency, ensuring timely and accurate data delivery to end-users. \r\n Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues related to data quality, data consistency, and data integrity, ensuring the reliability and correctness of our data systems. \r\n Implement and maintain data governance practices and policies, ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations. \r\n Collaborate with data scientists and analysts to provide them with the necessary data infrastructure and tools for conducting advanced analytics and deriving insights. \r\n Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in data engineering and recommend innovative solutions to improve data engineering processes and systems. \r\n Document data engineering processes, data flows, and system architectures to ensure knowledge sharing and maintain an up-to-date repository of technical documentation. \r\n Work closely with cross-functional teams, including software engineers and infrastructure teams, to optimize data infrastructure and ensure its seamless integration with other systems.

Employer : Careem

Location : Kar?chi, Sindh, Pakistan